Halifax, Nova Scotia glamour photographer. Bringing out the best in everyone. Celebrate you with this fun day of pampering! Beautiful transformation of this beautiful girl. Love how much her eyes shine in this glamour make-over done in my Caledon studio. Beautiful Roopan shown here in a before and after collage. We think moviestars are gorgeous but really we all are! Thanks to Christine Martin for her make up artistry. Tena was one of my brides many years ago. She made a beautiful bride but now she has grown stunning with age! Would you believe that she is a fire fighter- beauty, brains and brawn! Tena was celebrating her goal of becoming a fitness model! She has a lot to celebrate! Wow. Her next goal is to be come a firefighter! Love photographing such an inspiring woman! Tena photographed in my Caledon studio. A nice casual image to share with her family. Love her natural beauty. Looking forward to some day photographing her on a beach in Vancouver, BC. How beautiful is this girl! Love her confidence and just how stunning she is. Photographed on location at the Canadian Beauty College in Bolton, Ontario. Let your beauty shine. Look at her smile, we had fun in my Caledon studio. Glamour photography is so much fun! A day to be spoiled, definitely a day to share! Love this creative photo shoot! Who doesn't want to be Rosie the Riveter! What an icon showing the strength of women. This young girl really pulls it off! Beautiful makeup artistry from the students at Canadian Beauty College. Glamour photography in HRM, Nova Scotia. I When Ann walked in she was very shy but wow when she walked out of the studio she was a new girl! The confidence that comes with feeling good about yourself! She brought in gowns that she has never worn before and we had fun dressing her up and changing her looks! What a day we all had - laughter and tears - good tears! A day I won't forget anytime soon! Love the dramatic look! Who doesn't want to feel like they are ready to walk the red carpet or paint the town red! Vancouver, BC look out! Glamour has arrived in Vancouver British Colombia! Have a wonderful spa like experieince in the comfort of your own home or location of your choosing! Ideas for locations - downtown with Vancouver architecture or down along the many sparkling beaches such as Kitslano or Jericho! Glamour portraits done in the comfort of your home. How beautiful is this window setting! Love the natural sign - she is having a wonderful time! Love having fun with different looks! Who doesn't want to try different styles on for fun! No fancy backdrops just the beauty of my subject to let shine! These portraits can now be created in Vancouver and done in the comfort of your own home! Glamour is not just for mature women! Bring in your daughters for some fun. What a boost to thier confidence level and what teen wouldn't benefit from that! This is my eldest children - no so little any more! She loved the photo shoot and has the portraits proudly hung in her room! I look forward to taking her to Point Grey Park to photograph her along the beach! Nicole is a beautiful girl and boy did we have fun in the studio creating some special images for her and her husband to enjoy. Glamour and beauty photography is for everyone! This was done as a special day at a seniors home in Bolton, ON. A make up artist was brought in and some fun accessories were made available and I was lucking enough to photograph the end results! Champagne and chocolate strawberries were served and many giggles were heard! Glamour fun know no age limit! Moms and grandmothers can join in the fun of a beautiful portrait session! Portraits of women are a special way of celebrating who we are. Best done with a girlfriend, sister or mom, a day of pampering and beauty will be had by all!